Just a little nature ramble…

I went out for a bike ride this afternoon on the common, which we’re lucky enough to live two minutes from. On my way back, I spotted something amazing- wild rabbits! This may not sound so interesting for those who live in the country, but to see rabbits in London, and not just one but a whole family, is quite amazing.

In fact, my friend and I used to go cycling when we were younger just in search of these rabbits, and never did we spot so many at once if any at all, so I really wish she could have been there with me! They are so much smaller than domestic rabbits, mostly brown with white tails, and especially as they were next to a road I’m surprised they didn’t run away. I’m not sure how long I stood there for trying to get closer to them, but I certainly didn’t rush home! Being in an exploratory mood, I also investigated a rustling and spotted a tiny vole scurrying about amongst the leaves. Only today did I realise the variety of nature which is outside my front door.

It did make me consider becoming involved in conservation at some point later in life, or if I ever have to take a gap year. After all, without it, a significant amount of the beautiful natural species that we have would have disappeared. Perhaps I’ll do some research into the sumatran tiger progect that ZSL is pioneering at the moment, or volunteer there again, in that section of the zoo. I just hope that becoming a vet will aid me in getting involved in things like these!

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