Cat Curfews?

I’m sorry…this is ridiculous!

Should cats be cooped up at night to spare other wildlife?

“Springwatch presenter Chris Packham has told BBC Radio 5 live that cats have become the enemy of other wildlife.

He told Richard Bacon that pet owners should impose curfews on their cats at night and fit their collars with bells to warn birds that they are close. But vet Emma Milne said it would not make a difference.

Mr Packham said cats were responsible for the death of 50 million birds every year.”

I have a cat who couldn’t catch a bird even if he tried really really hard! It isn’t something he can actually do. So what he’s saying is that this cat should be locked up at night and that the owners should spend more money on cat litter and trays so that said cat can do his business at night, meaning that the kitchen gets cat litter all over it because he can’t use the tray cleanly! No!

You might have noticed that this has angered me!

New blog!

So it’s time to start blogging all things veterinary related. I suppose the hard part is choosing where to start!

The main reason for this blog is the ‘edge’ session at vet-link. It inspired and showed me that it is all possible! It also acted as a pretty good booster.

So this is the space where I will write about current events in the animal world and about my work experience.

I hope you enjoy reading it,