Hello world!

Greetings, Earthlings…

Let me just say, I have never had anything close to a “blog” before, and so none of what I say or do here is rehersed, and you must excuse my bimbo approach. I don’t actually know what a “blog” is, or how to start, and so I’m going to start by telling you who I am, and then using this page to post any news, photos or anthing else I fancy on here. First of all, my name is Rebecca, I am 17 years old at the present, and I live in a small Welsh cottage in a small Welsh valley (for my sins). I am currently attending Ystaslyfera Comprehensive School, and I am studying A-Levels to hopefully go on to study Veterinary Surgery. I was encouraged to start this “blog” by the lovely people at VetMedlink, who claim these to be very helpful (ho ho). Anyway, I shall try and prevent my total ignorance of modern techology cloud this wonderful system.

- Over and out.