Extended Project: Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy

I am currently working on my Extended Project Qualification, and thought it would be interesting to let my blog followers know about what my subject area is. I am writing around both the science and ethics of BSE in cattle and it’s transmissible properties to humans which go on to progress to the human prion causing disease CJD. After much research into BSE I have found a variety of theories that were proposed around the time, one in particular caught my eye with determination and will power as intriguing and admirable characteristics. This is a theory proposed by the organic farmer Mark Purdey, whom believed that one of the causes of BSE in cattle was organophosphates which contained Phosmet. He knew that this OP was administered along the spine of the cow, and was designed to penetrate the spinal cavity of the cow producing a poisonous environment against the marble fly.

Unfortunately this theory underwent such dismissal by the scientific community and after reading ‘Animal Farm’ by Nigel/Mark Purdey I have realised the amount of effort and research this man put into such a concerning matter. I urge any one who is interested in Veterinary Medicine or in fact Human Medicine for the fact CJD is linked within the BSE enquiry to read this book and to read around topical issues such as BSE as there is constantly important breakthroughs that intrigue and enthuse me.The theory was that this OP was causing biochemical changes to some of the protein structures within the nervous and spinal tissue of cattle, in particular it was the Prion protein that is discovered to have been the cause for the neuro-degenerative property of BSE. Purdey proposed OP as causing a misfolding of the prion protein causing it to have infectious properties.download