5th August 2013: Agnew Equine

I have been call all day with the equine vet from Agnew Veterinary Clinic, it was absolutely fantastic and really has widened my knowledge around the equine area.  I saw various call outs some of these included;

  • My first call out was unfortunately to two euthanasia’s on two old horses, although a sad situation I appreciated the fact that this is something vital that I needed to see and found it very interesting. The vet administered a local sedative before injecting with barbiturate overdose.
  • The second call out was a horse that required it’s tetanus and influenza vaccination, the tetanus vaccination after a course of 3 injections over the period of around 200 days can be given every other year where as the influenza vaccine must be administered every year. Other vaccines that can be recommended is herpes which is common among pregnant mares.
  • The next call out was to a livery/breeding stables which was having some of its foals wormed and micro chipped and pass ported, it is absolutely vital that each horse has its own passport for identification purposes. Restraining the foals proved a difficult and strenuous task but once micro chipped felt fully rewarding.
  • We then made our way to a horse that had swelling on its cannon bone, although not showing considerable lameness the vet administered some antibiotics as the owner wanted peace of mind before going on holiday.
  • The final call was to a horse with a rather serious open wound on the inner elbow; the vet assessed the wound and found it went right down to the bone. To diagnose whether or not surgery would be necessary the vet pressed a needle into the other side of the elbow to look if the saline solution flowed through the wound as this would mean that infection will have spread to the cartilage and bone. Luckily this was not the case and this could be treated by flushing the wound and a lot of bandaging.

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