How to Blog

This is not a production site

We are very flattered that you have tracked down our vet blog test site. Unfortunately our production site is not yet finished and will not be ready for launch until sometime in August.

Please may we suggest that you store your blog posts in a Word document until the new site is ready.

Please do not spend time customising your vet blog site as this site is not backed up and will not be the domain used for the production site.

We will let you know by email and the website when the production site is ready. It will follow a similar pattern to the Medlink Blog site which you can view or set up a blog here:

Best wishes, The Medlink Team.

Why you should blog:

It requires you to think and write about your charity work, experiences in shadowing, to comment on trends and breakthroughs in medicine.

This will help you to become focused and communicate your thoughts about your chosen profession.

Additionally you should be placing references here from those you come into contact with during work or charity experience. This reminds you of the work they do now in the context of you preparing to be a professional.

If you cannot fill a blog in 20 mins a week with your work experience or some charity work or thoughts on what is currently happening in medicine, then you have a clear signal that you may be behind the many others who will enter an interview much better prepared.

It helps you to recognise that you are visible on the internet and it is better that you are known through a personal blog than some possible activities on say Facebook for instance.

Students who blog are laying down a clear footprint of commitment to the profession of medicine that will be there for any who chose to look.

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